konstantinos papageorgiou


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Admitted in the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) in 1988 and graduated in 1994.
He studied:

• Painting: Academic Prof. P.Tetsis, & Prof. X. Botsoglou.
• Engraving : Prof. T. Exarhopoulou
• Hagiography: Prof. G. Xynopoulou

In parallel to his studies in the ASFA he studied and worked alongside the master of Byzantine Arts Petros Vamboulis, decorating numerous Greek and Cypriot churches.

Occasionally, he has also worked for the National Broadcasting Foundation (Television) as well as various journals and periodicals.

His work can be found on several collections in Greece and abroad.


More about the artist


When Konstantinos Papageorgiou paints, it seems that he uses all of his senses.
He usually selects earthy shades and sometimes plays with the contradiction of cold and warm colours.
In his paintings one can sense a poetical mood and sensibility, but also the <nostalgia> for the classic form.

A very obvious element in his work is that human presence is often meant but is not visible...
He paints with realism, in full detail and creates a characteristic and special manner in using colour and tonic precision.

Elements of his everyday life (brushes, paint tubes and clothes for work) become an intriguing play of volume, colour and reflections of light and shade.

The artist considers those objects as part of his own environment and feels completely familiar with them.

There is no other observer but himself, therefore his intention is to give the viewer this specific reality as he himself has lived and sensed it, at that particular moment…

He is influenced by his teacher at the School of Arts, Mr. Panagiotis Tetsis . Also by Andrew Wyeth, Edward Hopper , and Garcia Loppez.


The joy of art

Man made art since the beginning of time. It comes from the inner need of the individual to express a way of seeing and feeling the world.

I always admired the artists. I almost envy them for this unimaginable moment, the one the artist confronts the empty canvas, to the one the viewer comes to appreciate the final realization of the artist’s feelings. I have no illusions about the ability of a piece of art in creating joy and satisfaction.

Ultimately, Art speaks for itself. When I met with Konstantinos Papageorgiou, I realized that his work speaks for the artist himself. Viewing his paintings one absorbs the great desire and joy the young artist felt while ‘unleashing’ on an empty canvas his everyday experiences, depicting the objects or the scenery of his everyday life, with almost photographic realism, but mostly with passion and honesty, with power and richness.

This passion and joy for life is the feeling and the message he wants to share with us..